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Two Counties Jazz Band at Bude (England) 2019

Émission du 9 mai 2020

Festival de Bude (England) 2019

Two Counties Jazz Band

  • Two Counties Jazz Band
    • Graham Trevarton, Trompette, vocaux, leader.
    • John Whitlock, piano.
    • Malcolm Hurrel, banjo.
    • Ron Milford, trombone.
    • Gordon Stafford, clarinette.
    • Bernard Hugues, sousaphone.
Two Counties Jazz Band, Bude, Aoüt 2019
Two Counties Jazz Band, Bude, Aoüt 2019
Jean Paul Réguer

  • Is It True What They Say About Dixie ?
  •  ?
                  • poulet jingle
  • Dixie
  • You Belong To Me
                  • poulet jingle
  • Give Me Your Telephone Number
  • I Wish I Knew How It Feel To Be Free (par le pianiste)
  • Good Morning Captain (par le Banjoïste)
                  • poulet jingle
  • What Would I Do ?
  • Way Down in Honky Tonk Town

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