TERRI WELLS just like dreamin 84-THE CHI-LITES changing for you 83
WALDO love I feel inside 82-PATRICE RUSHEN feel so real 84

TOMORROW’S EDITION part time love 82-COMMODORES goin to the bank 86
BASIC BLACK nothing but a party 90-FATBACK let me do it to you 79

DONALD BYRD sexy dancer 82-STEPHANIE MILLS you can’t run from my love 83
TONEY LEE love so deep 86-KHEMISTRY I can’t lose with the stuff I use 82

ROY AYERS night flyte 85-LESETTE WILSON saturday nite groovin 81
STANLEY CLARKE when It’s cold outside 86-GEORGE BENSON on Broadway 78

CAROL KAYE boogaloo 94-94 EAST ft PRINCE I’ll always love you 76
MANDRILL holiday 77-RIPPLE be my friend 73
QUINCY JONES ft BROTHERS JOHNSON is It love that we’re missin 75
BRIAN AUGER’S OBLIVION EXPRESS whenever you’re ready 73