Classic Disco Funk 80’s VINYL III [LIVE]

CHERI murphy’s law 45T 1982
JAZZY DEE get on up 45T 1983
BON ROCK & THE RYTHM REBELLION seraching rap 45T 1982
CHEMISE she can’t love you LP MASTERMIX CLUB HITS VOL 1 1988

EVELYN KING I’m in love LP I’m in love 1981
TAVARES got to find my way back to you M33 1982
DEBARGE rythm of the night LP rythm of the night 1983

ARETHA FRANKLIN jump to it LP jump to it 1982
BROTHERS JOHNSON stomp LP shine up the night 1980
QUINCY JONES ai no corrida LP the best of Q 1982

JOCELYN BROWN somebody else’s guy M45 1984
DAVID JOSEPH you can’t hide M45 1983
PINO D’ANGIO ma quale idea LP 1981

HIGH FASHION feelin lucky lately M45 1982
BLUE FEATHER let’s funk tonight M45 1981
GLENN JONES I am somebody M45 1983
KASSO walkman M45 1982